Family Dentistry

Gentle Family Dentist in Charlotte

Every smile is as unique as a fingerprint, which is why it deserves individualized care. At the dental practice of Renee L. I. Owen, DDS, PC Complete Health Dentistry, we offer reliable dental care to you and your family. We are passionate about quality dental care. That's why we customize each treatment plan to address individual needs and concerns.

Our family dentist in Charlotte is proud to help you and your loved ones enjoy a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles. You can trust that we will welcome you like part of our family and treat you with respect and compassion, regardless of the current state of your oral health. We welcome patients from age one and older. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


What Is Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry consists of the treatments and services required to protect your smile throughout life. Every stage of life presents different opportunities to safeguard your oral health, and our family dentist allows you to enjoy consistent dental care. Our team cares about creating long-lasting professional and personal relationships with you and your loved ones, which is why we welcome your whole family, from children to seniors.

There are many benefits to seeing our family dentist, including our commitment to your comfort. We understand that many people of all ages suffer from dental anxiety or fear, which is why we offer nitrous oxide to help you enjoy a calm and peaceful visit. Our team carefully checks for any oral health issues, like gum health and the strength of your enamel, to provide preventive dental care for your family.

Kids Dentist in Charlotte

When your child smiles, you can't help but smile back. You can count on our team to provide the treatments and valuable insight you need to protect your little one's smile and promote a robust daily oral hygiene routine. We know that many children feel intimidated when visiting a medical office, which is why we offer well-baby visits to help your little one get used to our friendly team and office.

Our compassionate team takes the time to get to know your child and uses kid-friendly language to teach them proper brushing and flossing techniques. The gentle dentist cares about your child's peace of mind and checks on them throughout their appointment to make sure they feel safe and calm. We offer fluoride and sealants to protect their baby teeth, as well as simple extractions when necessary to protect their oral health. Our team monitors the development of their bite and will refer you to a trusted orthodontist when needed.

Dental Treatments for Teens

The teen years are a balancing act of school, friends, social events, and growing independence. Our team provides cleanings and exams, simple extractions, and education to encourage your teen to make smart nutrition choices that safeguard their natural teeth and boost their gum health. Our team checks your teen's bite development as their permanent teeth erupt and their jaws mature to determine if they need orthodontics. If so, we will recommend you to a specialist. We also monitor for signs of gum disease and offer sports guards to protect your teen's smile on the athletic field.

Our dentist knows that teens begin to notice their overall appearance as they age, which is why we offer cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening so they can brighten their smile for special events like prom. We also provide custom dental restorations like crowns and bridges to restore the integrity of their bite and the beauty of their smile.

Dental Care for Adults and Seniors

Adults and seniors face unique oral health opportunities. We care about helping you keep your natural teeth for as long as possible, and we perform various dental treatments to keep your smile healthy. Our dentist offers reliable gum disease treatments and oral cancer screenings because we understand the systemic connection between dental health and your overall wellness. We also provide reliable dental restorations, including traditional and implant-supported bridges, crowns, and dentures.

You can rely on us for same-day crowns to protect a compromised tooth or surgical extractions if your tooth is broken. For those who want to straighten their smile, we offer SureSmile® clear aligners to correct mild to moderate misalignments. Whether you need a sleep apnea appliance to enjoy a restful night's sleep or TMJ treatments, you can count on our team.

Our Dependable Family Dentist in Charlotte

A family photo with healthy, radiant smiles is within reach. At the dental practice of Renee L. I. Owen, DDS, PC Complete Health Dentistry, we offer the diverse range of treatments you and your loved ones need to smile confidently through every stage of life. Our family dentist in Charlotte combines over a decade of experience with compassion to provide quality dental care. From educating new parents on how to clean their baby's teeth to crafting custom dental restorations for seniors, you can rely on us. Contact us today to learn more about our family dental treatments.


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